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The photos we got at Fanime of our Peter Pan cosplays were finally uploaded, so I am sharing a few with you here!

The photoshoot was a ton of fun.  We didn’t plan to be a part of it originally.  We were just hanging out in the lobby of the con center, when the blonde mermaid ran up to us and asked us if we wanted to join their photoshoot.  The best part was the other mermaids didn’t know we were coming, so when we showed up, they were pleasantly surprised.

I’m already planning to remake my Wendy completely.  I made the dress in a night because it was something I really wanted to do with no immediate plans to wear it to a con.  After a test run at Fanime, I figured out what needed to be fixed and what to do for the next time.

Taken at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, CA at Fanime 2014

Photographer: Eurobeat Kasumi

Peter Pan: Emerald Orange

Wendy: Me

Black-haired Mermaid: Cassierole

Blonde Mermaid: Pretty Bird Cosplay

Red-haired Mermaid: Deveraux

Brunette Mermaid: Rukia Hitachiin Cosplay

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The Siberian Flying Squirrel photographed by  can be found in Russia, China, Japan, North and South Korea, as well as a few other countries. They tend to live in spruce, cider, or pine trees and they depend on the trees for their housing and food. Siberian flying squirrels are currently listed as near threatened and they are rapidly decreases due to deforestation of the trees they so fully rely on [text source]  

Season 10 Promo Pics of Demon!Dean

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